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Let me say. The staff there is exemplary of the car dealer sales man stereo type. This dealership is strategically placed on the border of the Navajo reservation (as with other dealerships within this company's parent company's folds) and offers dishonest "deals" to Arizona residents, of Native American tribes and non native Americans alike. The financing is understandable but the mark up is obscene.

They sold me a used 2005 ford ranger, which within say the first 10 miles ran great. I was actually satisfied until i drove it home. I noticed the clutch was making noise and was getting stiff. i called the dealer and tld them. They picked up my truck to "repair" it. Little did they realize, I'm not an ***, and looked at the transmission mounting bolts before and after....lo and behold. They were sill the same. They swore up and down that they "fixed" it. I told them of my findings ans was told they would call me back. It has locked up on me while on the interstate, stalled on me at intersections, and the driver seatbelt does not work half the time. After doing research, I found they conned me into accepting financing with Credit Acceptance Corp...who I've found out install "kill switches" in their financed vehicles. So they can disable my truck any time! I live in a rural area where summers reach 115 degrees and winters get to -25 degrees, so if they "kill" my truck, it literally is life or death in some cases. I have three children and it is after the fact that I found all this out. So I got a crappy truck that was rigged to be sold to "sub prime" borrowers at extreme interest rates.

My truck is worth roughly $5,000. This dynamic tag team of predatory businesses have slapped me with a $15,000 bill. Hows that for taken.

They never called back. So I called them...they must have had my name posted everywhere because everyone knew who I was from the receptionist to the general Manager: Trampus Mansker. I was told "you're SOL dude. We can't fix it." I got into an argument with the general manager...I still have the email exchange between the two f us.

Ive filed an FTC complaint and am currently looking for a lawyer. point is: stay away.

Review about: Winslow Ford Sales Manager.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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I understand where you are coming from however a lot of the issues regarding the pricing and overall price of the vehicle are of your own doing. Since you financed with Credit Acceptance, that tells me that you are in a position where virtually no other lender will finance you due to your credit situation.

As for the GPS/Starter Interrupt Device, that is a usually required because of your credit once again. While I can not comment (at least intelligently) on the state of repair that the vehicle was in when you purchased it, I will say that most of your claims should really be directed at the person staring you in the mirror!

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